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Interim Fixed Price Service

This service includes an oil change, full vehicle inspection including the brakes and suspension, inspection of all exterior lights, windshield wipers and a battery service. This service should be performed in between your major maintenance services to help keep your car in top running order.


Engine diagnostics


If your car is not running properly, won’t start or has a ‘check engine’ light on, you will need some diagnostics. This procedure first communicates with your car’s computer to find out what the computer thinks is wrong. We then verify component failure to make sure the computer is not simply confused. After determining the cause of your problem, we will recommend the necessary repairs. 


Air Conditioning Service

Don't worry if you have an air conditioner that is broken or malfunctioning, our expert technicians can service, diagnose, and repair your auto AC quickly and professionally. 


This is typically your 30/60/90,000 mile service. Each manufacturer has their own recommendations on what services should be performed at this interval. Ask your service advisor for more information on keeping your car maintained.

Full fixed Price Service

Batteries/Charging System

The battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It is responsible for starting your car and running many of the accessories on the vehicle. The battery must endure temperature extremes and still be able to perform.

The Electrical system problems can be slight or major. We sell batteries and offer electrical system repairs and alternator replacement using quality parts.




Our technicians can repair all braking systems including the newer anti-lock brake systems. Each car requires different components to repair the braking system so please schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected.



Our MOT covers the recognised 20 point MOT test requirements as outlined by DVSA, this covers Lighting and Signalling Equipment, Steering (including suspension), Brakes, Tyres, and Road Wheels, Seat Belts, Body, Structure and General Items, Exhaust, Fuel, and Emissions & Drivers View of the Road.

  • All car makes & models

  • Class 4 MOT available

  • FREE retest within 10 working days

  • £54.85 inclusive of VAT & labour

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment measures the correct wheel angles so they're set to vehicle manufacturer specifications. 

If you suspect you have issues with your wheel alignment our technicians can check this for you using the latest wheel alignment technology.

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